Goddess Lena

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Femdom and Pimptress Goddess

Being here at my personal website already means something very special. Clearly, you have a good taste for beautiful, dominant and kinky ladies and I am exactly that type. People consider me as an embodiment of female supremacy and female domination and this is something I must agree. I am a genuine femme fatale, one of those women (and there are not many of them) which will leave deep marks in your already pathetic life, but only if you deserve my attention and my precious time. Inexperienced guys will think that it is something easy and it is enough to show how miserable you are and that you are willing to serve as a submissive slave.
Actually, that could work with some third-rate wannabe Dommes but not with me as your new owner. Before you even try to get in contact and serve your new foot fetish Domina, there are some things you should know. This website will help you learn where your place is and to find out do you have any chance to serve this demanding and exquisite lady as I am. To do so, before downloading some of the top-rated femdom and foot domination videos hand picked by myself, there are few things you should always keep on your mind. So pay attention to the next:
First, compared to other dominant women or those trying to act like ones, I am a genuine, unique and real-life femdom supremacist. This means that nothing is motivating me so much as financial ruining of men. It wasn't like this since the beginning, but after getting into almost every possible form of femdom humiliation, I've learned what is bringing me most of the pleasure. Money domination and pay pig humiliation are now my expertise. The idea of making someone spend everything he was working for is simply fulfilling and thrilling and a driving power behind the majority of my everyday activities.

Real domination

So there are only two ways for you to take advantage of and enjoy this unique website. The first one is more or less regular one and that is to browse and enjoy exclusive footage and fetish videos featuring your new Goddess, Mistress Lena. Variety of high quality and HD videos is great and you are about to experience almost real-life foot fetish and footdom stuff that will make you almost feel the scent of my divine feet.
The second one is actually what makes the difference between ordinary boys and real men. If you are a grown and responsible person, then this is exactly what I love to see. But you will have to prove that. Just saying or begging her is simply not enough. To prove your devotion and to please me, you will have to become a real money slave. Clearly, it is not for everyone, but my type of woman doesn't need totally useless and miserable subs browsing the internet and looking for a cheap thrill. Before you become a personal slave and money servant, this subject deserves some explanation about what I am expecting from you and why I am doing all this.
To get straight to the point, click here and find out more about Goddess Lena and my exact wishes and requirements for pathetic slaves!

Obey and spoil your ultimate goddess !