Goddess Lena


Real Sessions with your Goddess

I think that everyone already knows that exquisite dominant woman as I am, loves obedient and cooperative men. This is the first thing you should have on your mind when trying to approach me and get an exclusive femdom humiliation session with your new Goddess. But just craving to get involved with me isn't enough. Imagine how hard is to get a girlfriend in everyday life. Now, being my slave is at least 10 times harder. Still, that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Read carefully what I have to say now.



What I demand from my slaves is to show me absolute devotion. I am sick and tired of pathetic guys sending even more pathetic emails expressing their adoration for me. Stop doing it, it is a waste of your, and what is more important, my precious time. Let's put it this way, every single horny man can create an email or send a Twitter message but does that means something to me? Of course not, I demand more and there is a precise set of rules and things my slaves must do for me if they want my attention.


So the main question is what kind of femdom sessions will fulfill me completely and what I like to do with my slaves? Well, the answer is simple. As a versatile Domme, I have plenty of ways how I am putting men where they should be. Still, there is something special I am about to explain right now. I am talking about Cash & Go approach to financial domination. Many of you are going to hear about it for the first time, but once you feel the sensation coming from this humiliating practice, expect to be totally addicted to it. And the best part is that there are no many dominant women doing it so you will be completely tied to me which is one of my main goals and motivations.


So what you should expect from a Cash & Go session? Simply speaking, you will have to meet me but only for a very short time. Our meeting will last for a few minutes but that is the special time you are waiting for your whole life. Filled with sexual tension on your side and serious expectations on mine, your task is to hand over an envelope with money to me. There will be no mediators or any kind of intermediary, you are responsible directly to me so as mentioned at the beginning, behave with absolute respect and gratitude because you are having a chance to serve me and get a part of my valuable time and attention. After I check how much money have you prepared to give me so I can sustain my unbridled lifestyle, there is one thing left to be done. I will brutally slap you all over your face, spit directly in your face or even let you kiss my expensive shiny boots I love to wear so much. The last one depends on how much money have you donated so it depends on you will you get a chance to touch and feel my sexy fetish boots. Oh, have I mentioned that I am doing my Cash & Go sessions in public places to ensure additional humiliation coming from all those people looking at you while you are trying to please me?


Anyway, this is kind of female domination I like the most but my slave training sessions (taking place in Berlin) can also contain the majority of the most popular femdom fetishes. Some of them are face trampling, femdom facesitting, sweaty socks smelling, human ATM, sissification and all those various beautiful things you are seeing in my exclusive videos. I won't count them all here now because the list is extensive but what you should know that I am pretty good with every of those female domination techniques.


Also, there is one more opportunity for you to serve me. After signing a special contract where you will transfer all rights for video distribution to me, you will be eligible to be featured in my genuine female supremacy videos. Top rated femdom experience will be recorded and your suffering and misery will become eternal once they are published online.


This is something I am very proud and it is a special kind of experience for all male slaves willing to try it. To get a better idea of what kind of footage I am talking about, check out videos page here and buy some clips first. This is a mandatory step before contacting me about being in those videos. Existing clips will give you a precise idea of how my femdom sessions look like and what to expect when you become my personal slave.