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Written on 22.12.2019 at 14:20 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

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Newsblog from Goddess Lena
Written on 24.11.2019 at 15:51 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

All of my loyal slaves are carefully watching my every move. Except trying to please me with money and gifts, every good slave is constantly reading the blog section where I am publishing all these pieces of information I believe you need to know.

My recent move from Mönchengladbach to Berlin has upset many of the old slaves. I know you are worried will you be able to handle addiction for me if I am not around. Can't blame you, not being able to serve your favorite Mistress and owner can make huge psychological problems and ruin everyday routine. 

But now,  there is new hope in your pathetic life. Being insatiable for money and luxury, I've decided to expand my activities and give a chance to the old slaves to show me how grateful they are for my presence. From now on, I will come back to NRW every three months for a week. During this period you will get your chance to please me and show devotion like never before. My message to you is to calm down, save money and wait for my sign to start pleasing me once I am there. Bye bitches!


Newsblog from Goddess Lena
Written on 11.10.2019 at 16:11 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

Every serious and self-confident woman sometimes needs a change. Do not expect to hear that I will stop draining my slaves or something like that, LOL. The change I am talking about is in the approach to everyday slave humiliation and torture.

You know how they say, two is always better than one. The same applies to female domination and female supremacy. Kinky photo of me and Mistress Reel sitting and threatening slaves will tell you more than hundreds of words. Don't you agree?

This beautiful pic is also an invitation for miserable, weak and pathetic guys like you to finally find purpose in their lives. We are calling you to serve us well and be rewarded with a double dosage of humiliation and filth. Both of us are experts in different fields of femdom so you are now having a chance to get your best domination experience, ever. On your knees, slave!


Newsblog from Goddess Lena
Written on 28.09.2019 at 14:31 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

Being constantly dressed to tease in different types of tights, stockings or nylon pantyhose always accompanied by high heel stiletto shoes, made me wonder how men would react if I am wearing something more casual? Yes, I love to be perceived as a seductress and a hot dominant woman but this idea started occupying my mind for a while.

So I decided to try a different approach and see how submissive men and horny wankers will react when I am dressed in tight blue jeans and sneakers. So, I did it and you can see how I look at the photo below. Interestingly, I am feeling equally sexy as when I am wearing something more provocative. I've made a conclusion that sexiness is totally related to the person and not style of clothes.

You know how people love to say, a suit does not make a man. I would replace a man with a woman first and then, I would totally agree with this proverb. So if you are still confused, I am giving you permission to masturbate on my tight jeans photo in the same way you are doing with my other pics. C'mon, do it!

Newsblog from Goddess Lena
Written on 25.08.2019 at 21:06 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

Do you know where I am spending most of the funds drained from money slaves? If you are a loyal and careful reader of my blog then you know the answer already. If you are new and just getting into my kinky world of money slavery, financial and female domination, then this is a good opportunity for you to learn something. So pay attention!

Sure, my clothes are expensive and there is no better feeling than to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of shoes or a good bra. It especially good when you know it is someone's hard-earned money. This is why I often ask my new slaves how big their salary is. And I am not taking their word for granted always so I can ask for the bank statement to be sure that I know how useful a guy can be to me. I tend to get maximum from them so this is where this info comes handy. 

But where most of my easily taken money is spent is on vacations and various trips. 

I know you are already stroking your dick on my relaxing on the beach photo below, but you should know that there is a price of that pleasure. I am coming back to Berlin and I am full of energy that will help me spend even more. So what you should do right now is to prepare your wallet and hand over to me what is mine!