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Written on 02.08.2019 at 15:14 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

Tour Dates:

Berlin - August 19nd to August 31th

Read my code of conduct and my rules if you want to meet me.

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Written on 14.07.2019 at 20:21 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

I shot new videos with Konga the porn frog and the slave FedEx.

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Written on 28.06.2019 at 13:52 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

Having time for your favorite pet is always relaxing and fun things to do. Those little cute beings are bringing joy into life but this is something you already know, right? So why I am telling you this? Because, when it comes to a Dominant lady as I am, pet play has a completely different meaning. 

I strongly believe that my favorite dog is also an exceptional being, just like his owner.  Simply speaking, he deserves special treatment when taking a walk. What does this mean? Well, my little puppy always loved to be in the company while playing. After some time, I've discovered that he is most satisfied when there is a human-animal accompanying him in his little cute endeavors. It doesn't matter is it outside or inside the home. As long as a grown-up man acting like a dog is with him, they are making a perfect tandem. Since the first moment my puppy met my femdom dog slave and noticed him crawling and barking, it was love at first sight.

Right now, you are pretty lucky. I am just looking for new guys that will serve me by being my dog's new friend. Sometimes I will bring you both our site, and sometimes it will be only you. Are you capable of handling this simple task?

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Written on 07.06.2019 at 17:32 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

We all know that if you want to be good at something you are doing, it is necessary to take a break sometimes and simply go on holidays. Same applies to Mistresses but we need much more than "ordinary" women. This means that when I am on my holiday, I am trying to spend as much money as possible not because I need all those expenses but because with every penny spent, it is a new insult for my money slaves that were previously drained.

Now when I am back from my fantastic vacation in Greece, I simply feel that I am full of energy and motivation to resume my daily activities of a financial Dominatrix and owner of many pathetic money pig slaves. The first thing on my schedule now when I am here in Germany is to go on tour and visit Hannover, one of my favorite places when it comes to financial domination. Usually, I am not sharing much info about purchasing power and living standard of my servants but what I can reveal to the public is that guys from there tend to be very generous. This is the reason why this beautiful city is one of the first moneydom conquest list.

Also, expect to see some of the latest exclusive footage I've recorded in the previous period and prepare to be ripped off in the special chat I have available for useless guys not being able to meet me in person. Stay tuned and prepare your savings because I am back!