Goddess Lena

About Me

About me your Pimptress Goddess Lena

One of the smartest things a submissive man can do is to listen carefully what his Mistress has to say. This is exactly what you are about to do right now and I expect to see raised attention from you while you are absorbing my words like a human sponge.
An experienced and self-confident woman like me always knows why she is saying something, and this time is no different. What I've learned in the previous years is that a first step of becoming an obedient and useful slave is to listen carefully and learn. I am a demanding person and I am more than proud of that. This includes every single sphere of my divine life and existence. Even ordinary everyday things have to be special and that includes the way how people are listening while I am speaking. I've noticed that women around me are pretty cautious and careful when I am addressing them. I guess it is because they feel my feminine superiority but they are also envious and this is actually what I am expecting and enjoying.


Cruel empress

But men, that's a whole different story. They are not careful enough, at least not until I train them. The main reason for that is that their already small brain start losing functions when faced with a sexy and beautiful lady as I am. That feeling of mental numbness is what makes me mad and irritated and this is when I become hostile and sometimes ******* toward men. I know that other women would be flattered by other sex attention but I simply don't need it. I am perfectly aware of my beauty, qualities, and specialty which means there are some other things that will make me if not happy, then at least satisfied for a while. As mentioned, I am a complicated and demanding person so be careful from now on. So what are those things you can do for me and make me happy?
The answer is simple, money! But not in a way you probably think right now. Let's make things absolutely clear. I am the rich bitch and I don't need you or any other slave to support my licentious lifestyle. You have probably already met some girls looking for money so they can keep living in a way they want. I respect that just as any other thing where women will get an advantage over men and feel special but this is not why I am ready to accept money slaves. In short, money domination has a different meaning for me. Not something that will change things on your end, you will anyway have to spend it to get my attention but I want from you to know why you are doing it and how I see your servitude.
The reason for money slavery is that I see it as the only real and genuine way of controlling men remotely, without a need to be there with them. Technically, it is often not possible to be on the other part of the globe but at the same time, it will be a shame to miss the opportunity to feel powerful and special plus to make men suffer. This is where money kicks in. Knowing that you are paying me donations, I know that you are spending your time to earn it. For me, this means that every single minute while you are earning and working, you will have me on your mind and in front of your eyes. This is exactly what a sexy woman with a powerful ego wants to know, that she is the most important person in the lives of many men.

The purpose of this website is to be a link between my highness and potential candidates for money slavery. Notice that you shouldn't waste my valuable time with questions about communicating with Skype, phone, email, FB, etc. The only legitimate way to communicate with me is this website, so now get ready for some brain fucking and exclusive moneydom humiliation!