Goddess Lena

Webcam Training

Webcam Mistress

So my little slave, have you dreamed for a long time about serving me on webcam? Creatures like you are always begging for it and now it's finally here.

The rules are simple, even for a hormonally hypoglycemic birdbrain like you.

The most important thing: 10 minutes is the minimum duration of a cam session with me.

Webcam Training


You only have these three options to choose from.

To serve a mistress on webcam is a very special kind of education. The procedure is very simple however. You just have to register, load coins and send me a private message. We then arrange a time to meet in my camchat room.

The session will take place over a channel that I have chosen. Don't annoy me with Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or any other crap.

See you soon, cunt.