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Pay tribute to your financial dominatrix - Goddess Lena

Pay tribute to your financial dominatrix

The moment of truth is finally here. What I am calling a truth is the only one I am interested in. In short, only men serious in their intention to please me will have a chance to get my attention. And  I have already explained here why I am accepting obedient money slaves to try to make me happy.
Basically, this is a place I consider kind of a filter. This page is where your special journey will begin or it will simply end even before it started. This is the place where pathetic wankers and useless wannabe femdom slaves will stay behind. This is the place that I am using to choose who will be the one that will be subjected to my control and become my personal property.



You have to pay

My advice to you is not to be discouraged. Even if money is the ultimate value in the life of a fulfilled person as I am, I am not expecting that everyone has the same amount of money at their disposal. But what I am expecting is to see and FEEL a real devotion and a wish to please me. For dumbfucks out there reading this and still not understanding what I am saying this is a translation: Value of donation and payments isn't crucial when trying to get in contact with me. But do not try to cheat because once I find who you are and what is your daily job, I will immediately know how honest you are and are you a serious man or just a miserable guy looking for the attention of a sexy and self-confident woman.
So don't try to cheat and waste my precious time. If I decide you are not sincere and you are only trying to jerk off while talking to a real woman, I will block you once and for all so you won't be able to contact me anymore, even if you somehow manage to collect more funds. Money domination is not a game and I really expect from my slaves to accept that as the first rule of servitude.
Being subjected to a financial dominatrix and expert in moneydom is a life-changing experience and a turning point in the useless and miserable lives of many men. Now it is your turn to start pleasing me and start giving your best to get my attention and keep it that way.
Oh, and more thing before you reach for your wallet. Never forget that serving me is a privilege! Not everyone will be honored to be manipulated by myself, so do your best if I spare some time and let you show me who you are.

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