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Endless pain

Written on 24.04.2023 at 21:04 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

I look at you kneeling before me, bound and defenseless. Your eyes are full of fear and pain, but also full of devotion and love for me. You are a toy for me, an object that I can use and torture at will.

It fills me with pleasure and lust to dominate and control you. Your cries and your pleas for mercy excite me even more. I am the ruler over you, your life is in my hands.

I enjoy humiliating and degrading you, beating and torturing you until you scream in pain and beg for mercy. Your torment is my pleasure, your suffering my satisfaction.

You are only one creature of many who lie at my feet and vie for my favor. You love me unconditionally without me ever returning your feelings.

I play with you like a toy that I can use and then throw away when I get tired of it. You are my property, and I am your goddess. You are at my mercy and I will break you, you stupid piece.

You will always obey me and do what I ask of you. For you are hopelessly head over heels in love with me.

I am your mistress, your sadist, your goddess and your nightmare at the same time. Your fate is sealed!