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The ice princess

Written on 14.12.2022 at 17:14 by Newsblog from Goddess Lena

It is winter and the temperatures here in Poland are very cold and uncomfortable. At such times, most people find it difficult to feel warm and comfortable. But for me, as a goddess, the cold is not a problem. I am beautiful, overpowering and I enjoy exercising my power over other people. In my presence, my slaves feel safe and secure, even on cold winter days. As long as they obey me unconditionally!

Besides my beauty and perfection, I conquer more and more bank accounts as a money mistress. I know how to extract money from you creatures and spend it on my luxuries. My piggies pay me regular tribute and submit to my orders to gain my favor. They know that I break their hearts and keep them to me like cattle.

My beauty and skill with money make me an internationally coveted money lord. I don't let anything or anyone stop me and enjoy my position as one of the most powerful and successful goddesses in this fetish.