Goddess Lena
Chastity key holder
Chastity key holder

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My little slave cunt had to wear a chastity belt for a month. Because I have the keys to the chastity belt he had to come to me after four weeks and was released. As thanks he had to prove himself as a good foot slave and spoil my feet and high heels. My divine spit he also had to eat the stupid piece of shit. Because I was in a good mood, his little cock was taken out of prison and my slave was allowed to jerk off in front of my beautiful eyes. I love the game with the orgasm control. I made the ugly monkey hot and only allowed him to lose a few drops of his stinking juice. He was not allowed to cum! The stupid pig really had to suffer. As a reward I locked his ugly cock back into your chastity belt and then he was allowed to go home. We'll see how long I'll let him be locked up as a femdom keyholder.